The Voice Of Cheese: Inflatable Henry

Well now: having contacted two VOC-contributors who ended up failing to deliver in time, I guess you’re going to have to put up with one of my ditties.

The track in question is entitled “Counterfeit Antibodies” and dates back to my Inflatable Henry days. I started out by recording bits ‘n pieces of audio from some rather pedestrian sci-fi TV-show, threw them in a loop, and proceeded to go wild on the cheapo synthesizer effects. Added some electric guitar bits for extra measure. Have a listen:


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15 thoughts on “The Voice Of Cheese: Inflatable Henry”

  1. “Fate” or not, the commanding opening figure pervades the entire work. The first movement is grim and resolute yet charged with constant conflict and energy as glimmers of hope swirl through a relentless storm. It’s a miracle of construction, with all the ideas firmly grounded in that first four-note phrase – even a lyric second theme rides atop and ultimately devolves into it. The focused intensity is relieved by a flowing set of variations, leisurely but with controlled surges of power. Next comes a resolute march built largely upon the insistent rhythm of the opening motif which descends into a hushed section of coiled tension and then explodes into the finale, an exhilarating shout of C-major triumph.
    The work ends in a breathless coda built upon variants of the opening motif to pound home the permanence of the joyous destination.

    I’ll say no more since *i* chose the track.

    Apart, Barry is so very pregnant that he might be late!

  2. Inflatable henry my role is to serve you
    I blew up your body, but you blew my mind…

  3. After close & comprehensive consultation of the FZa Consultative Group inc we herewith propose to nominate dr. Sharleena as The Curator And Critic Of the Month of the FZa Biennale.

    I guess she’s pregnant.

    By the way I really like this last contribution to VOC. Truly good.

  4. Not as difficult as you think it is. Having a baby ( with the exception of Education, which happens to be the most difficult part of human life and Humanity).

    Thus: not at all difficult.

    The child gets born.
    – One year later it eats French fries ( frietn).
    – Question is: how to combine Jurgen’s vices and Gaby’s talent in one person? Imagine…
    I was deeply surprised when my first child was born. The child was so “terra cotta” when it was born. Way back in the old days. Now I have five children. Going on vacation with them ( 7 people ) happened to be ( no not a journey) an expedition. We travelled ( big , Central included ) Europe. They’re all adults now. The house is empty again.

  5. It’s post-cyber-punk-o-riffic!

    Am perusing this in between DVD’s yclept “BABY SNAKES” & “THE DUB-ROOM SPECIAL!”

    But really, who gives a flying fuck that I also just saw “A Scanner Darkly” yeasterday on that same hypnotic medium, anyway??????????

    (maudlin paragraph of congratulatory BS omitted for reasons of overall mercy)

    I’d ask to proffer a different sonicated sacrificial victim on the VOC altar, but – ach du Cthulhu, feh … whatever, grrlfriend. Such facetious tomfoolery only marks one as a flaming Koont.

    I drunk now via 3 BigRock McNally’s Irish Ales – I rarely ever imbibe, ergo my tolerance = schwack-all – & yer contribution was verily elegantoriffick 2 the maximum permitted degree.

    Is this thing on?

  6. All I can say is: it’s about time – for the Inflatable Henry AND the preggers… Ya see, I’ve been sorta waiting for both.
    As proud owner of the bulk of Barry’s recorded output, VOC will not want for contributions anytime soon (I’m still waiting for Little Angel, Bro).
    And as a proud contributer to the formation of the present Barry Towers Upper Management, my kudos have already been extended.
    Remember Kids, it’s the not the first name that causes problems, it’s the last…
    PS. What happened to Ken Duvall’s tune? Or is that not far enough up in the queue yet?

  7. From the both of us: thanks to all for the good wishes! SOFA: your appreciation of Inflatable Henry’s body of work is, well, much appreciated, heheh.

    PS. What happened to Ken Duvall’s tune? Or is that not far enough up in the queue yet?

    Ah yes, I meant to expound upon that: see, being anal as I am, I want to retain the chronological order of submissions. So even though Ken’s tune was readily available, I decided to keep it on hold until the time is right. Thanks for the technical help on that particular track, btw :)

  8. The above is true and correct. However, I did very little for Ken’s track except ask him to send me a wav file so I could convert. He did the conversion himself; I had nothing to do with it. The track is Ken’s baby – right down to the conversion.
    And it’s bitchin! Looking forward to it’s appearance on VOC…
    I’m also looking forward to a disk of recent stuff with your new collaborator Frank, Barry (petulant looks and all).

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