Everything Is Healing Nicely

My anecdote 002 for today: been to the hospital for a few days because of a minor problem, and just to spend the time I’ve brought Slaven’s FZ biography with me. While reading the book, a middle-aged doctor (a lady) comes in to check the patients, and looking at me she says:
“What is that book you’re reading? ZAPPA?!? Geee! I SIMPLY ADORE HIM!”
Hm, it seems you’ll never know where you will meet another FZ fan. :-) Since then Everything Is Healing Nicely.

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  1. I hope you get well soon! This is a good book, pay attention to the story of the ’76 sessions with Bozzio, O`Hearn and Frank. Best regards Frank B.

  2. Hope you recover at an extraordinary speed, Balint. You know : one of the best tunes ever played by Albert Ayler was called : ” Music is the healing force of the universe”.

    Now a +/- bizarre story.

    Till a couple of years ago I had – while travelling around , mostly Europe- two solid principles.
    My criterion for checking if the place I was visiting truly belonged to Civilazation was double:

    – How do their graveyards look like? Here I dscovered that things happen to be much more complex than I thought they were.

    – Are there FZ records available in the music stores? Here the answer was -in most of the cases- positive. You can find them anywhere in Europe.

  3. By the way Balint: logic leads me to believe that if there was an anecdote 002 for today, there must’ve been an anecdote 001 preceiding it. Care to share that one with us? By all means, feel free not to answer that question.

  4. There’s no room to breath in here!

    (Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!)

  5. Speedy recovery. Etc.

    This makes me think of how a lot of surgeons (at least in the US) now have music playing in the operating room while they work. Imagine the surreal image of abdominal surgery accompanied by The Torture Never Stops…

  6. Hope it’s nothing serious Balint.

    Yes, the most unexpected people like Zappa music. And I think a lot of Frank’s music would be appropriate to the operating room – the best of it is both stimulating and calming…

  7. Hi all – now I’m fine, thanks all! :-)
    Today I’ve gone to the Hospital again, and gave the doctor the book. She was glad.

  8. Balint has some of the most interesting anecdotes! Several years ago I took myself off the anti-depressant Zoloft and replaced it with a daily regimen of Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention. While not recommended for everyone, it certainly did wonders for my mental health!

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