Smart Diva

Just read a nice little article over at the wiki. A quote:

One day Diva refused to go to school. In fact, she refused to leave her room. Gail spent quite some time trying to persuade the obstinate child to get up and go, but to no avail. Then it was Frank’s turn. He ordered Diva to take a piece of paper and list her two most prized possessions. He told her that if she didn’t leave for school immediately, those two things would be taken away from her. From under the door slid the piece of paper. On it, Diva had written: Mom and Dad. Frank then told her, “Okay, you’re smart enough. You can stay home.”

My Time With Frank Zappa, by Richard Emmet.

Extreme Makeover: Edition

Quoth beepee with regard to Spifnificently Soonly:

It’s a website makeover. Expect Nothing.

Hey, I’d actually be very interested to see an all fresh ‘n new The whole Flash thing they had going was fun for a while (read 20 seconds) but it’s about time that site gets a 21st century makeover. If webmeister “Mikey” knows anything about web 2.0 we’ll be seeing a comment-enabled WordPress powered blog incorporating Flickr photos (preferably from Moon and Diva) alongside up to the minute Twitter updates and obviously, a GoogleMaps Mashup. Oh, and an embedded “recently listened to” widget, of course.

Gaaah if only I were’s webmaster… :D

Right, as usual I’m the last person in the world to jump onto the hipness that is I’ve only just signed up and am still playing around with it but this could be interesting. As per the site’s blurb: “Discover new artists, find out when their gigs are and invite friends. Create a profile to share your music taste with friends and listen to personalised radio.”
My profile incidently is at Any of you out there on too? Wanna be friends? :D

Update: here’s Dr Sharleena’s profile!

Yet Another Zappa Book

It’s called Hungry Freaks Daddy, and it’s written by Scott Parker:

(…) “HUNGRY FREAKS, DADDY the Recordings of FRANK ZAPPA and The Mothers Of Invention Volume One 1959-1969”. It’s the first of what may be a four or five-volume series documenting the recorded documents of FZ from his earliest recordings (dating back to 1959) to his final recorded work (in 1993) and beyond.

The Idiot Bastard has a short review:

Imagine someone picking up where Norbert Obermann’s Zappalog left off and correcting all of the bootleg track list errors left be by the Torchum Team, and you’ve got an idea of what this book’s like. Add to that some helpful narrative along the way and you’d best zip your anorak’s up tight ’cause you’re in for a thrilling ride. Scott doesn’t try to emulate Greg Russo’s detailed tome, but it is similarly a labour of true love.

Banned From SNL

… and why am I not surprised that:

Frank Zappa was banned from the show after his hosting stint on October 21, 1978. His distinct sense of humor made him unpopular with the cast and crew. During his performance, he made a habit of reading cue-cards and mugging for the camera, and many cast members (save for John Belushi) deliberately stood far from him during the goodnights.

Via Cynical-C

The Voice Of Cheese: Sterbus

VOC #9! Suffice it to say a considerable amount of footwork was involved in obtaining Sterbus‘ contribution — but I think it was more than worth the hassle in the end. The track is entitled “My Pruyem’s Got A Life On Eez Own”. Sterbus says:

The song comes from my new five-tracks ep called “eva anger” and it features me on guitars and basses and Alessandro Palermo on drums and Tiziano Tarli on vocals from my power-rock band Sweepers. And if you’re asking what “prujem” means, just ask Balint the meaning of “Hazegenezen van”!

Nine Inch Nails with a touch of Foo Fighters and a hint of Rick Wakeman at the end — have a listen:


Like it? Download it.

In Other News…

  • Dr Sharleena is taking driving lessons as we speak. May the force be with her (and with those crossing her path on the road).
  • Tomorrow I get to have my obligatory work-related bi-annual medical check-up. If you don’t find me posting here within two days (at the most), it means something went terribly wrong when the Doc asked me to “look up and cough”.
  • I’m writing this while listening to Carla Bruni‘s “Quelqu’un M’a Dit”. Check her out; she’s got some brilliant songs, as well as a voice to die for.
  • You are still more than welcome to contribute to The Voice Of Cheese. Just drop a note, and I’ll get back to you when your contribution is up next.
  • The switch from winter to summer hour has been a pain in the butt. The people who enforced this should be shot forced to watch As The World Turns episodes until they choke.
  • The Trap, which had its final chapter aired last night, is one of the finest (BBC) documentaries I’ve seen in recent years [wikipedia]. It describes the path from Game Theory through to the concept of positive versus negative liberty. Food, as they say, for thought.

Scum Deluxe

Well what have we here: the Interfail blog links to a Russian site which has the entire MOFO Deluxe up for download (and more). They also had the courtesy to slap my MOFO package picture on top of the page. Let’s post some comments there, shall we?

And Gail? Are you reading this?

Update: Mr Interfail chickens out, saying: “[…] just not to upset you and yours, i have removed the linx – but they weren’t my work anyway. if some clever user search a little, they’ll find a lot more illegal or legal, zappa or not. thanks for the message on your site to spam my blog. hope you’ll remove it immediately.”

Erh: sic.


Edinburgh ’77

Requests? REQUESTS? I suppose you’ll be telling me that we do requests next as well, Barry? Yes, well, once is too much as far as I’m concerned mumble mumble floodgates grumble hrrrrmph… ok, I’m heading back down to the dungeons… yes, I know, bread and gruel for a week… pah humbug…

Seriously though folks…

Pretty standard show this. Which is not to be disparaging in any way. I can happily listen to Eddie Jobson’s Black Napkins violin solos from this tour all day long. All night too. I always think it’s a shame that those Zappafans out there who only know the official catalogue will never have heard the real Black Napkins, whether it features Napoleon’s sax, Eddie’s violin, or whatever.

Anyway, as the Bozzio/O’Hearn rhythm section happens to be my favourite from all of Frank’s touring bands, there’s plenty for the likes of me to enjoy here. And if you are still amused by the occasional Titties ‘n Beer after all these years (of course you are), then this particular version is a hoot (you know you’ve always wondered what Ruth Underwood really thinks about Frank’s penis). The show ends with Frank’s anti-British journo Chris Welch diatribe.