Extreme Makeover: Zappa.com Edition

Quoth beepee with regard to Spifnificently Soonly:

It’s a website makeover. Expect Nothing.

Hey, I’d actually be very interested to see an all fresh ‘n new zappa.com. The whole Flash thing they had going was fun for a while (read 20 seconds) but it’s about time that site gets a 21st century makeover. If webmeister “Mikey” knows anything about web 2.0 we’ll be seeing a comment-enabled WordPress powered blog incorporating Flickr photos (preferably from Moon and Diva) alongside up to the minute Twitter updates and obviously, a GoogleMaps Mashup. Oh, and an embedded last.fm “recently listened to” widget, of course.

Gaaah if only I were zappa.com’s webmaster… :D

8 thoughts on “Extreme Makeover: Zappa.com Edition”

  1. I figured as much. Sadly, it seems to be an echo of things past, and things to come. I’ve long since ceased visiting the ZFT website in lieu of the much more informative KUR. C’mon, Barry, take a bow, you deserve it!

  2. Gaaah if only I were zappa.com’s webmaster…

    …certain individuals might warn you to be careful what you wish for!

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