12 thoughts on “Mark & Howard Whip It Out”

  1. How they can sing ‘Eleanor’ without laughing is beyond me. It sounds almost like Frank wrote it. ‘You’re my heart and soul, etcetra’. WTF?!

  2. Back in those days, it really didn’t matter if pop groups were pretty. The fact the Turtles had numerous hits despite their appearance proves that. Nowadays, forget it.

  3. This was one of their 1st self-penned releases; prior to Eleanor, the hits were written for them by different ‘Music Writing Teams’. Legend has it that the cigar chompers were all sitting around one day, saying “we gotta come up with another Happy Together” and Howard said “I can write crap like that”. The next day, he presented them with Eleanor.
    No FZ involvement at all on this; The Broadcast happened a good year before the LA Philharmonic show where Mark & Howard met Frank.

  4. I know that Frank had no involvement with the song, but he could’ve! ‘Tears Began To Fall’ is no less vapid. When FZ first hired Flo & Eddie, I was a very perplexed young Zappa fan, but it began to make sense to me later. This song is part of that continuing understanding.

  5. They certainly do a great job of syncing the lips.

    AND…not only were they ugly but they were BOTH FAT.


  6. Hey, I really LIKE that dumbass song … “gee I think you’re swell” sounds inane because being all goo-goo over someone MAKES you seem inane & gaytarded – to all us other poor schmucks that aren’t In Wuv.

    Jesus, they had 9 Hits?!?

    Hmm, that big rubber honker is sure some provocative though, eh?

    “Anything over a mouthful is wasted!!!”

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