10 thoughts on “Denver ’68”

  1. Barry: Do you keep statistics on the Friday Boots that would enable you to compile a Top Ten Boots List?

  2. No I haven’t been keeping statistics. I think it would be very hard to obtain an even remotely “objective” top ten since a) sheer number of downloads does not accurately measure appreciation, and b) given a voting system, I suspect that mostly those who strongly appreciate the boot would be giving it their thumbs-up (thus resulting in overall high scores for any given boot). Besides: it would be a major PITA having to set up a weekly rating system! :)

  3. Ok Barry, how about this.

    Your top ten shows.
    Not limited to Friday Boots
    And maybe a line or two as to why.

    I am always looking to hear/appreciate a show from
    a different pov.


  4. Decent stuff.

    I gotta say, though, I am not a very big fan of these Mothers.

    But, I am on board with every band therafter.

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