15 thoughts on “Spifnificently Soonly!”

  1. I hope it’s not a “behind the scenes” record
    (unless it’s video). I like it out here “in front of the scenes”
    (uses BIG finger quotation marks).

  2. The DVD is available for pre-order at the usual places; street date is May 1. And Mikey said in the forums that a new website is forthcoming soon…sound familiar?

  3. not thinking about delivery before they even say what the fuck it is they might consider to deliver…

    (i once de-livered a fetal pig in science class)

  4. Judging by the photo, it looks like a late 60’s era Zappa thing (Absolutely Free behind the scenes? MOAF??) Although I am skeptical, it probably is something lame like a website makeover. One can only hope though…

  5. The late 60s theory has got me thinking there could be a chronological plan in the works, one expanded release of each album. If that’s the case, I’m drooling over the idea of a We’re only in it for the money box set. Mind you, it would be 2050 by the time we got up to Them Or Us.

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  7. It’s a website makeover. Expect Nothing.

    Hey, I’d actually be very interested to see an all fresh ‘n new zappa.com. The whole Flash thing they had going was fun for a while (read 20 seconds) but it’s about time that site gets a 21st century makeover. If webmeister “Mikey” knows anything about web 2.0 we’ll be seeing a comment-enabled WordPress powered blog incorporating Flickr photos (preferably from Moon and Diva) alongside up to the minute Twitter updates and obviously, a GoogleMaps Mashup. Oh, and an embedded last.fm “recently listened to” widget, of course.

    Gaaah if only I were zappa.com’s webmaster… :D

  8. Dice mi amigo Román, que en affz preguntaban si sería ésa la sesión de grabación de la guitarra acústica de
    “My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama”.
    Parece que no le gustaba perder el tiempo, o que se tomaba su tiempo para hacer sus cosas, y en lugar de dedicarse a leer, pues…

    yo pienso que si… en vez de leer, tocaba guitarra.
    Carlos ZZ Zerpa

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