Yet Another Zappa Book

It’s called Hungry Freaks Daddy, and it’s written by Scott Parker:

(…) “HUNGRY FREAKS, DADDY the Recordings of FRANK ZAPPA and The Mothers Of Invention Volume One 1959-1969”. It’s the first of what may be a four or five-volume series documenting the recorded documents of FZ from his earliest recordings (dating back to 1959) to his final recorded work (in 1993) and beyond.

The Idiot Bastard has a short review:

Imagine someone picking up where Norbert Obermann’s Zappalog left off and correcting all of the bootleg track list errors left be by the Torchum Team, and you’ve got an idea of what this book’s like. Add to that some helpful narrative along the way and you’d best zip your anorak’s up tight ’cause you’re in for a thrilling ride. Scott doesn’t try to emulate Greg Russo’s detailed tome, but it is similarly a labour of true love.

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