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ZPZ: Big In Japan

This just in — Kataoka Hiroshi, Our Man In Japan, writes:

Just a quick report to let you know that Zappa Plays Zappa will come to Japan to play next year!!! They have 3 concerts. The first one is on January 21st of 2008, which is Monday, at OSAKA ZEPP holding 720 seats and I have bought 2 tickets for the day. On the next day (2007-01-22. TUE) they will play at Tokyo, and on the day after (2008-01-23. WED) at Yokohama. And the special guests are Steve Vai and Ray White. Sadly enough is the missing/absence of Terry Bozzio.

ZPZ On Conan O’Brien

As you probably know, ZPZ appeared on Conan O’Brien’s show last October 30th, playing Willie The Pimp. Took a while for that video to appear on YouTube, but here it is now:

Hat tip: Ryan McNealy

Download: Dweezil Zappa On Rockline 26/10/07

Ah the joys of Audio Hijack! Dweezil on Rockline is now available for download right over here. The file is about 101Mb, so please download directly to your hard disc (right-click, save as) instead of listening online. Bandwidth is a costly commodity…

Update: Our pal Balint has split the above monolithic track into consumable segments. Download here.

Hartford ’81

This week’s Friday Boot: Hartford, CT, 6 November 1981. Say “Thank you Gilles!”

Melbourne ’76

This week’s boot takes us back to Melbourne, 22 january ’76. Apologies for the rudimentary naming of the tracks (i.e. Track 01, 02 etc) but I haven’t had time to listen to this one yet myself! Besides, today’s my birthday so I’ve other things on my mind. Whew, that went fast

London ’72

Are you up for some vintage Grand Wazoo? Of course you are. Gilles will be providing your fix in the week to come: The Oval, London, 16 September 1972 — up for download as of… now! Enjoy.

Kansas City ’74

Dr Sharl and I are preparing for a nice little weekend-trip to Antwerp — and ZPZ obviously. While we’re out of the office, enjoy this week’s Friday Boot: Kansas City, 8 March 1974: a bunch of classic FZ tunes if ever I saw one.

28. 10. 1977 New York City, Late Show

A few days before the Baby Snakes show, with a setlist quite similar to that one. From Though the Tape Reviewing Society says:

This is one of the few tapes of this band that I don’t recommend. I can only think of two reasons to have it: completism and Wild Love. The main drawback is that it’s far from complete – the taper seems to have turned his deck on and off, leaving out most of the really interesting songs (= solo vehicles). (…) But as I hinted above, there is one exception, spelled Wild Love.

Well, who knows? Lets check it.

Wolfgang’s Vault: Fillmore West, 11/06/1970

Like a tidal wave of total weirdness, the Mothers of Invention splashed down on the Fillmore West for a series of shows in November of 1970, then washed back into the seedy ocean of L.A., leaving the landscape forever changed (or at least confused and slightly offended).

And all this happens now at Wolfgang’s Vault – a great show, great sound, with a fine accompanying text. You can listen to it online after a simple registration.

Cuyahoga Falls ’84

Good morning, and where’s the aspirin? We’re having Mr and Mrs Magic Fingers over for the weekend which, so far, has meant loads of fun — and Grimbergen. Anyway: on to this week’s Friday Boot which happens to be Cuyahoga Falls, OH, 12 August 1984. Yes, you read right: 1984. Enjoy…