10 thoughts on “Kansas City ’74”

  1. This is a very good concert! I love this band: excellent musicians, beautiful music, frank in a funny mood… Thanks for posting!

  2. Have yourselves a fantastic time in Antwerp — and at ZPZ, for sure. I’ll have to console myself with Kansas City 74 in the meanwhile.

  3. AN TWERP?

    No! Correct English usage dictates that you say A TWERP.
    When using ‘a’ or ‘an’, if the word following the article begins with a vowel, you use ‘an’. In the case of Antwerp, the article precedes a word beginning with a consonant. Hence, A twerp.

    It’s Friday. I’m drinking.
    Don’t let your meat loaf in a twerp.

  4. Great gig! I love the reaction of the audience to the fact that Jeff Simmons is in the band. And those early versions of Andy and Pogen rock my world!!


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