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A Family Outing

I just saw yesterday an amazing piece called A Family Outing (click on “english” if you see the hungarian version) by the English Ursula Martinez (see more here). It was a “stand up comedy” – and something more. An evening about family, about knowing each other, about humor, about improvisation… (Almost) the same method used by FZ: “I have the idea, but when meeting the actual performers lets see, what they can add to it”. It was really great – btw: there was no actual nudity, “only” a kind of spiritual one. Oh yes, and it was really funny.


Chris Federico’s Zappology — henceforth available at KUR.

Peer To Peer Heaven

My bittorrent woes have come to a grinding halt by 1) installing Azureus and 2) opening the appropriate ports on my machine. Currently enjoying Neil Young at the NYC Bottom Line, May 16 ’74. Peer to peer heaven!

” I think I did OK in the debate”

Verbatim highlights of the daily journal of George W. Bush for the week previous to the third debate.

Meet Barry


Meet Tom Baxter


Meet Madame Zelda

Click to see the entire strip

Candy Coloured Clown


Here’s some very cool comic sites, by way of The Morning Improv: Evil Space Robot (interesting “how I did it“), Nedroid (heheh) and Deadmouse (not quite so comic-al). Which reminds me I should start putting up some of my stuff here again…

Moore And The Oscars

Filmmaker Michael Moore says he is willing to give up a chance to compete in the Oscar race for best documentary with his anti-Bush movie “Fahrenheit 9/11” in order to have it shown on television before the U.S. presidential election in November. Says Moore: “I have already won a Best Documentary statue. Having a second one would be nice, but not as nice as getting this country back in the hands of the majority.” Kudos!

All About Crumb

I thoroughly envy Robert Crumb. Not for his shall-we-say wacky family background, mind you. It’s his incredible drawing talent I envy – combined with the sort of merciless self-criticism that only the truly great inflict upon themselves.

Art? I would say it is. Here at Casa Barry I frequently find myself perusing “La Historia De Mi Vida“, “Mis Problemas Con Las Mujeres“, “Mode O’Day” and “El Gato Fritz” for inspiration (spanish editions procured by Dr Sharleena, which is good because since my knowledge of spanish is limited to melon con jamon de mi corazon, it leaves me with only the drawings to focus on). Crumb’s currently working on “a ‘literal’ interpretation of Genesis” and there’s an exhibition of his work at the Kln Ludwig Museum (until Sept 12). Long may he keep on truckin’.


…sunday link: Top Ten Most Ridiculous Black Metal Pics Of All Time. (via attu)

FZ Gig List Now With Playlists

If you head over to the FZ Gig List (at least, my version of it), you’ll note that I’ve now cross-matched it with Jon Naurin’s FZ Shows. When available, the play-list for any given concert will now be listed underneath the city/venue/country. This cross-match is not perfect though, as both txt-files were formatted in very different ways so I’ve had to jump through quite a few hoops to make them hook up. From brief testing, I’d say the match is about 99% accurate. Have a look and tell me what you think…

Ye Olde Grey Gym Sock

A whole bunch of free video-downloads of comedian Bill Hicks’ performances throughout the years including “Ye Olde Grey Gym Sock”, described by some as Hicks’ best routine ever.

SuperFreak RIP

Super Freak RIP. At least the man never turned into a bore