The Sound Of Legs Crossing

“There’s something delicious about the way women cross their legs the way they half-smile when they do. Women have a sixth sense about such things, it’s something primordial, something unconscious that goes on. And it’s certainly NOT haphazard because there are very few women who don’t know what they’re doing: that’s what distinguishes women from the girls.”
David Walley, author of “No Commercial Potential, the Saga of Frank Zappa” recently revamped his website and in the process, has been adding content like there’s no proverbial tomorrow. Go check his writings, you won’t be disappointed.


I’m sure by now you know: The Simpsons will feature an episode wherein one of the characters outs his or her self as being gay. Who’d ya think it’s gonna be? My bet’s on Mr. Burns. Smithers&lÅ´;/a> is way too obvious, Marge’s sisters are simply asexual anyway, Moe‘s a frustrated butt pincher, Barney is, well, turned on by beer. Your thoughts? Could it be one of the Flanders? Krusty?

A Bit Of Progress

Well worth a bookmark: the complete “A Bit Of Fry & Laurie” scripts. A typical F&L conversation:

–Stephen: Progress isn’t a dirty word, you know. Arse is a dirty word, and so, to some extent, is labia. Learn that, Bamford, learn and obey.
–Hugh: Yes, sir. I will.
–Stephen: But progress is the towel that rubs us dry. Each soft cotton flick of progress can penetrate the darkest, dampest corners of our mired and filthy selves, and polish us clean.
–Hugh: I didn’t know that, sir.
–Stephen: Well Bamford, now you do, now you do. Good. Oh good. First class. Fine. Splendid. Sp-len-did. Excellent. Eccelente.

More Fry & Laurie at the complete Blackadder scripts.