The Sound Of Legs Crossing

“There’s something delicious about the way women cross their legs the way they half-smile when they do. Women have a sixth sense about such things, it’s something primordial, something unconscious that goes on. And it’s certainly NOT haphazard because there are very few women who don’t know what they’re doing: that’s what distinguishes women from the girls.”
David Walley, author of “No Commercial Potential, the Saga of Frank Zappa” recently revamped his website and in the process, has been adding content like there’s no proverbial tomorrow. Go check his writings, you won’t be disappointed.

11 thoughts on “The Sound Of Legs Crossing”

  1. I checked out David’s site and it is impressive (nice work “KUR” team). I’m wondering tho’: are the ‘links’ on the “Works in Progress” page supposed to function? Or are they too a work in progress?

  2. I find the links work ok, but the article pages have prairies of blank space at the top and bottom of the pages, and moving the mouse to the MT and KUR links at the page footers cause the page to jump elsewhere, so you can’t click on them. Indeed novel design, or just IE on Windows maybe…

  3. The sound of crossing legs, you could believe, is inextricably related to the sound of pulses racing. Is that the end of this story, or is there more beyond…

  4. Any chance of a screenshot, bert? And how’s about you switch to Firefox as your browser instead of IE? The Case Of The Jumping Footer Links is intrigueing though, as the pages do validate

  5. Actually Barry and Sharleena are responsible for
    the design, and I’m thrilled with it. BTW, if
    anyone finds anything which is “wrong”, ie. in my cutting and pasting I’ve left something out of the article, please tell me. Now that I can manage my own tests, I’ll be happy to do so.
    This is especially with “Yes Dear” and ” The Sound of Legs Crossing”, a sound I’ve always liked…


    David Walley

  6. The problem is something to do with the lines ‘float: …;’ in the #content and #sidebar style types. Remove these line and there’s no white space, but no floating sidebar. You can find out more from here. I tried adding the suggested paragraph line, and it fixes the white space problem, but the sidebar is below the content, as well as to the side, so it’s only half a fix. If i can find an answer for this of course i’ll let you know.

  7. Thanks for the heads up, bert. I’ve tested the lay-out on Windows IE6, Mac OS X Safari, Firefox and IE Mac 5.2.3 — everything displays nicely there. So I’m guessing you’re using Windows IE5? I don’t have access to that one…

  8. See you’ve added the fix for windows IE5 barry. That’s 7.8% of the cyber world now no longer potentially wondering on the leaping links of mr walley.

  9. Bert, thanks for alerting me to the IE5 problem. I got the solution here. By the way, that azerty keyboard is actually my dad’s (very) old typewriter, branded “Everest” – the picture was taken and carefully photoshopped by Dr Sharleena :-)

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