A Bit Of Progress

Well worth a bookmark: the complete “A Bit Of Fry & Laurie” scripts. A typical F&L conversation:

–Stephen: Progress isn’t a dirty word, you know. Arse is a dirty word, and so, to some extent, is labia. Learn that, Bamford, learn and obey.
–Hugh: Yes, sir. I will.
–Stephen: But progress is the towel that rubs us dry. Each soft cotton flick of progress can penetrate the darkest, dampest corners of our mired and filthy selves, and polish us clean.
–Hugh: I didn’t know that, sir.
–Stephen: Well Bamford, now you do, now you do. Good. Oh good. First class. Fine. Splendid. Sp-len-did. Excellent. Eccelente.

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