12 thoughts on “SuperFreak RIP”

  1. Rumor has it – he had a vault; a vault filled with all kinds of wonderful stuff; including concert tapes, film and video, unreleased tracks, alternate tracks, prehistoric tracks, railroad tracks and needle tracks; he had unimaginable stuff in the vault; his family is squabbling at this very moment over just what to do with all this stuff; they are searching for a vaultmeister to help them sort it all out and put it into a marketable condition ->

    enter Joe, stage left…

  2. Gail: ..and just where do you think YOU are going?
    Joe: Uh, me? What? Going? Well, I, uh, got a better offer for vaultmeisterment from the Super Freak’s family. Actually, I left you my resignation letter on the kitchen table.
    Gail: What super freak are you talking about? This is LA, man, be specific.
    Joe: I’m not just talking any old corner freak, babe. I’m talkin’ Rick James.
    Gail: Rick James? He’s got a vault?
    Joe: That’s what they say, and it’s s’posed to be filled with all types of unimaginable shit!
    Gail: Where have I heard THAT line of crap before?
    Joe: No, No, it’s true. They need a guy like me to sort through it all and milk it’s commercial potential. They are going to start a pre-paid subscription service!
    Gail: The only milking that’s gonna get done is from this here vault. It was my idea. They stole it. Dweezil, get those attorneys on the line for me.
    Dweez: (in a forlorn, jilted sort of voice) Mom, they are busy suing that bitch Lisa, trying to get my lube back…

  3. Joe: Trying to get your lube back? What is this an Austin Powers sequel? You better watch your back, Dweezil, I hear Mike Myers has a team of attorneys of his own.
    Dweez: Nobody understands me…
    Ahmet: Did I hear someone say Mike Myers? I’m going to sue that bastard! He stole my bald-headed freak idea and made MY movie out of it. Where’s my kitty?

  4. Gail: Joe, get that chicken out of my face.
    Joe: sorry ’bout that.
    Gail: (surfs over to kur.com) That goddamn Bob Again is makin’ fun of us again!
    Dweezil: Nobody understands me…
    Gail: Get my lawyers on the phone – NOW!
    Dweez: I want my lube…

  5. Dweez: Get your own chips. I’m on the phone with the attorneys. What’s all this shit about window shopping for diamonds?Why must I always be the subject of public ridicule? Nobody understands me…

  6. Dweez: I need some cash.Why won’t anybody buy that fucking guitar so I can afford to go to a restaurant without whoring myself out to the Food Channel?
    Diva: Wanna buy a cap?

  7. A Dozen Grey Attorneys: Your account has been turned over to our collection agency. You’ll have to square things with them before we talk again.

  8. Gail:(still surfing kur.com)Goddammitallanyway!
    That knowitall, Bob Again, is back at it again today! I thought that little fucker must have died, or something. Put a trace on that fucker. I know an attorney in Minnesota who will sue his ass pronto pro bono!!
    Dweez: Hang on a second. I’ve got dibs on any pro bono work that gets done.
    Joe: (walking out door with Heart master tapes under arm) Hey, in case any of you give a shit, I’m out of here. Super Freaky! Cra-Zee on YOU!!

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