4 thoughts on “Candy Coloured Clown”

  1. This is a drawing of my neighbour, who could’ve been part of the “Blue Velvet” cast, just on the basis of his looks. Funny how I managed to freak you all out with this one (“let’s not comment – Barry’s having a seizure!”) — I’ll be putting up random drawings again every so often. :-)

  2. YOUR neighbor??
    I freaked out when I saw this. I thought it was MY neighbor somehow got into my computer and was scowling back at me.
    Barry, we apparently live in the same block, but in different countries. You don’t suppose the ZFT…….
    Ach, just another conspiracy theory to lose sleep over. Good night.

  3. There’s ways to find out, Bob:
    – In the morning, does your neighbour like to get out in the yard wearing nothing but his underwear, and pee on whatever vegetation is growing there?
    – Does he laugh abnormally loud at sexually orientated jokes?
    – Does he look at your wife in a funny way?
    – Does he look at you in a funny way?
    – Does he have tattoos that look as if they were made by a three year old?
    Lemme know, since I think we might be on to something here…

  4. Now I am NOT going to sleep at night.
    ALL OF THE ABOVE! (except for the wife part. I don’t qualify for that one). My neighbor has actually managed to kill my geraniums!
    This is all too weird. I think the ZFT are…

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