A Family Outing

I just saw yesterday an amazing piece called A Family Outing (click on “english” if you see the hungarian version) by the English Ursula Martinez (see more here). It was a “stand up comedy” – and something more. An evening about family, about knowing each other, about humor, about improvisation… (Almost) the same method used by FZ: “I have the idea, but when meeting the actual performers lets see, what they can add to it”. It was really great – btw: there was no actual nudity, “only” a kind of spiritual one. Oh yes, and it was really funny.

2 thoughts on “A Family Outing”

  1. I just listened to an old Bob And Ray sketch .Those guys were a bit ahead of their time what? (We didn’t get them in Wales and I discovered them via a track “The Komodo Dragon” being played on Resonance fm last week). To my point: here is a quote…”old piano players don’t die, they just smell that way”

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