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Title Pending

Shrek Yerbouti! Also: Wembley, 14/09/73, Part Two.

Largest Digital FZ Catalog

eMusic, “the world’s No. 2 digital download service” apparently now has the largest Frank Zappa catalog available in digital form. Have a look at its frontpage, if only for the sheer brilliance of the educational sign-up graphics. See what I mean?

Life Of Sin

It’s easier than “doing the bop”: if you are around Washington DC today, for the Inauguration Day of the mandate of the King George II, don’t forget to turn your back on Bush, if you can.
If otherwise you are around Cleveland this saturday 22, don’t miss “The World’s Greatest Sinner” at 8.30 on the Clev. Cinematheque, 11141 East Boulevard.
Both actions will make you in peace with your conscience,
i tell you.

Dut Dut Duhhh *

Classic Rock Categories, nicely summarized. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet, b-b-b-baby!

* Guess the Classic Rock Song

Don’t Mention The War!

Aaaw, Operation Iraqi Freedom. It’s all starting to get a little predictable, don’t you think? So glad Rumsfeld pinpoints my country as being part of the ‘Old Europe’. Here’s to the coalition of the Unwilling! Still: ain’t this boogie a mess?

Duke & Nappy Whip It Out

George Duke - Melkweg Amsterdam Nov 04

Some nice snapshots from a concert George Duke gave at ‘de Melkweg,‘ Amsterdam, last Nov 24 — including a surprize appearance from Nappy Brock. (via

On eBay

Frank Zappa signed FENDER autographed guitar. With certificate of authenticity and UACC credentials. For sale!

The C-Word

Inquiring minds need to know: Is it considered misogynous to use “the C-word”?

Brains For Bush

Not as easy as it looks: give Bush a brain!

A Family Outing

I just saw yesterday an amazing piece called A Family Outing (click on “english” if you see the hungarian version) by the English Ursula Martinez (see more here). It was a “stand up comedy” – and something more. An evening about family, about knowing each other, about humor, about improvisation… (Almost) the same method used by FZ: “I have the idea, but when meeting the actual performers lets see, what they can add to it”. It was really great – btw: there was no actual nudity, “only” a kind of spiritual one. Oh yes, and it was really funny.

Simply Irresistible

“Most bizarre among the [Pentagon’s] plans was one for the development of an “aphrodisiac” chemical weapon that would make enemy soldiers sexually irresistible to each other. Provoking widespread homosexual behaviour among troops would cause a “distasteful but completely non-lethal” blow to morale, the proposal says.” — New Scientist.

Kung Fu

It figures. Yesterday we watched Kill Bill Vol I on DVD, today I get to announce a Roxy show from Sept 14 ’73, track 6 of which is named, what else: Kung Fu.

Update: forum member Unica (aka “He Who Announces The Friday Boot On The Zappa Dot Com Forum Every Week”) posted some nice newspaper scans from around this date. Here they are: 1 | 2 | 3.

Huh Huh

“Our office is really modern and we’ve got nice computers and stuff. If you ever saw it, you’d say “Wow, cool office. These guys are legit.”
HuhCorp. They Do Stuff â„¢

Spam Attack

We’re under attack from a comment spammer who is currently attempting to post about 20 to 30 comments per minute. Weee! So why aren’t you seeing it here? Because he’s trying to hit a non-existent MovableType form (insert evil laughter). In the words of a certain someone: may his shit come to life and kiss him on the face. (Try googling that :) )

Does My Toaster Have Bouts Of Depression?


Bad Book Covers (via Cartoonist)