65 thoughts on “Dut Dut Duhhh *”

  1. I just went to the postal office, and asked the employee what it could be. He said: “I think
    it’s ‘I Touch Myself’ by The Divinyls”. Of course he didn’t know any of the hints…
    Well done, guac!

  2. I put your text on my personal online translator and i got this: “Postal workers! that they say the doctor to him, they remain far from them! – that is touched by always”… I can understand the general meaning of the message, but you should submit that line to the
    Internacional right now, guac…! They should add it to the march for a nice modern touch!

  3. Indeed, anarquia in the translation department ! the gist was; stay away from those postal workers they’re forever touching themselves.

  4. Damn…
    My guess was Louie Louie.
    I guess my American dut is not as long as the Euro dut…
    Of course we all know that size doesn’t matter, yet I somehow feel inferior at this point.

  5. Actually, we’re talkin’ Belgo-duts here. Not only do these appear to be longer than American duts — judging from guac’s comment they also by far exceed the british dut. We’ll have to wait for Balint to chime in with his view regarding the Eastern-European dut.

  6. 1.dut dut dut, dut dut, dut dut dut, dut dut.

    2.dut dut duh, dutdut dutduh, dut dut dutdut dutduh.

    1.Louie Louie
    2.Smoke on the Water

    Whatsyerproblem !?

  7. Wow…
    I’m developin a serious case of dut envy over here.
    But didn’t Freud also say, “Sometimes a banana is just a banana”?

  8. Yellow Snow…
    How about
    duh dutdutdut duh dutdutdut duh dutdutdut duh dutdutdut duhduhduhduh duhduh duhduhduhde ?

  9. No banana so far…
    Maybe capitals for emphasis?
    Duh Dutdutdut Duh Dutdutdut Duh Dutdutdut Duh Dutdutdut, Duhduhduhduh Duhduh Duhduhduhde – repeat.

  10. Surely you mean:-
    dut,dut,dut, duh…..dut
    dut,dut,dut, duh…..dut
    duhdutudutuduh ?

  11. Sure, i just couldn’t transcribe the whole partiture because i’m totally absorbed by the exciting show about the Inauguration Day on CNN…
    So far, lotsa VIP with all kinda hats, including texans; Kerry, Clinton and Condolezza are already there…couldn’t hardly see any person from the *public* tho…More news later, dut, dut dut

  12. No Dr., no one has doubted the duts. I just didn’t get the correct response yet for my dut-ee.
    I didn’t want to come right out and expose the duts for what they are, if someone feels they might like to guess.
    A hint perhaps?

  13. Wow! didn’t even notice his tail when he was swatting biplanes up the Empire State Building.

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