10 thoughts on “The C-Word”

  1. I think it is misogynistic for a male to use that word. If a woman choses to use it – which in my experience is very rarely – it does shock me.
    (incidentally, neighbours of mine have the surname Seaward and when they irritate me I refer to them as the effing c-words)

  2. I was once present when a man was being berated for saying c***, “it is the worst possible swearword- why should the woman part be the worst poss swearword?” etc. It was the PC eighties….
    The man insisted it was not the worst poss swearword and he knew an even worse one. When pressed he revealed the worser swearword to be …..
    This of course led to everyone going round calling each other n-word c-words until we all got fed up with it.

  3. We English use it like there’s no tommorow and to me it’s lost it’s genital connotation and just means fool/idiot etc.

  4. Happy Inauguration Day…

    Unless there has been a can of foaming goo and razor involved, the c-word is often closely associated with the b-word.

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