9 thoughts on “On eBay”

  1. That’s a lot of money for a Squier ( especially one which is missing it’s selector switch cap and appears to also be missing screws from the neck pick-up ).
    Strange choice to customise, surely an SG would’ve been more appropriate.

  2. This is one of New England’s *Best* airbrush artists? BWAAAAAHAHAHAAHAHAHA. Looks more like somebody’s trying to get some e-bay action now that the shopping mall airbrush T-shirt market is drying up.
    Back before I threw my airbrush away, I used to have to deal with people finding out I had the thing – “Can you airbrush *MY* name on a shirt?!” “What’s your name?” “Mandy” “Nope, sorry. I don’t know that one.”

  3. Urgh! Those guys have the musicians sign on the plastic plate, then they place it on crappy guitars with cheezy airbrush ‘art’. It really stinks….

  4. That auction really bugged me and I wrote Gail Zappa about it. I was not counting on it but she actually replied. Here’s what she said:

    Thanks for your interest and respect for Frank Zappa. I can say with absolute certainty that what is represented on the site is not FZ’s signature – not even in the ballpark.

    Music is the Best!


  5. That’s what i thought, why don’t they specify when and where he “signed” the thing…Besides it looks like printed, not really handmade.
    And they ask $2700! :o

  6. good detective work stef, and thank gail for replying, or someone woulda been suckered outa some ducketts…. it woulda been the shit if it was real though !!!!

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