6 thoughts on “Largest Digital FZ Catalog”

  1. Ah… At last, someone has set up a registration for my computational compitence.
    I found that most helpful – especially the ‘listen’ one; didja notice how pleased they seemed?
    When I was in Japan, I noticed a sticker on a restroom door with a stick-figure instructional on how to sit on the toilet (you know, as opposed to the “bombs away” jobs described “In France”.
    I peeled that instructional off the door and kept it.

  2. Seems a bit irresponsible of you SOFA – have you no consideration for those poor Japanese who are filling their pants as a result of your actions ?

  3. Well, I was 21 then, guac. it was probably not the most irresponsible thing I did back then…
    I figure, worst case scenario, patrons would simply climb up on the thrown and bombs away. I mean, if you gotta go…

  4. Yes, to stay on-topic (hehe): I recently subscribed to emusic, got my 50 free downloads and found (and rediscovered) some nice john cage and sonic youth. And since they count the downloads per track, I was able to download some complete cage albums for just one credit each. So there you go.

  5. Yeah noticed the other day…. weird though. I have 51 Zappa releases, and they have 49, and I gave up working out which 2 they don’t have …. Duh :)

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