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Guess That Fundie!

Here’s a fun little quiz where you guess whether Jerry Falwell or Bin Laden made the quotes presented. I got 13 out of 20 right…
(Thanks to Gnarly Artly who scored 9/20)


I mean Arlington, Texas, 11. March 1973. ( You’ll love it. (Review: here.)

RIP Kurt McGettrick

I can’t find much online but it appears Kurt McGettrick, saxplayer on the ’88 tour, passed away from cancer on May 6. Sad news.
Update: more here.



US evangelist Jerry Falwell has died. Did a little “Falwell Zappa” googling and came across this: H.E.R.B. — “A Collection of Articles, Quotations, and Cartoons For Those Of Us Who Prefer Not To Live In A Theocracy”.


i have been playing songs on my hands for 37 years!
this one was really hard to do!

Everyone: Magnificoooo…

The Voice Of Cheese: Tim, Eldon & Max Goode

It’s time for VOC #16, and boy, here’s a fun track if ever I heard one! Tim Goode writes:

My boy’s Eldon & Max (5 & 6 years old at the time) wrote the lyrics. Whenever we drive around we sing and try to make up rhymes. This is the product of one of those sessions. Max was too shy to sing, but came up with my favorite line, “When I eat my lunch, I want some pop”. Eldon sings and I play the instruments. Not much a bridge but oh well. Since this recording Eldon, now 8, has become quite a guitar player and Max a real solid drummer.

The song’s called Rock’nRoll — have a listen:


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Anecdote #464 (Scene One)

it begins in late 1977 in the basement of frank zappa’s hollywood home. it’s a saturday and as usual I’m learning the material for next week’s rehearsals. being the only “non-reader” in the band this was a common way for me to prepare. today’s lesson is a brand new song frank has just written called flakes.

— Adrian Belew, Anecdote #464 Scene One.

The Neocon Series

Dennis P. McCann, artist, FZ-fan and founder of the Yahoo! Zappa-List has started a series of paintings entitled the Neocon Series. He’s currently at “Phase two”:

Phase Two examines the defining events by which history will judge the Bush administration, and the overall Neocon agenda. As always, I am not going to tell you, the viewer, what this painting means. That is for you to decide for yourself. Be aware that it is not only the objects that are of importance, but also the intersection of those objects. And, as always, the color is of significance.

With fantastic results so far, I might add.


Question: at election time, where can you cast your vote and sign up for a blowjob? Answer: why, Belgium, silly!

Ooooh Shiny now allows for the making and off-site inclusion of playlist “widgets”. Let’s see how that works out! Here are my Recently Played Tracks (my iTunes is currently on Party Shuffle mode by the way):

Now then: I’ve shown you mine — care to show me your widget? :D

Rotterdam ’79

This week’s Friday Boot: Rotterdam, 27 February 1979.
From The FZ Tape Reviewing Society:

(…) this is a typical night, great, tight performances of all the usuals. Highlites include another nice Warren C solo during Cosmik Debris (…) A terrific Andy is followed by a very explorative solo by FZ during Inca with a samba backbeat courtesy of Vinnie and Arthur.


On The Bus


CrackskullBob’s blog is nothing short of brilliant.
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For Ian And His Next Two Hitchhikers

Aah Joy Division. Right before their big American break-through (fueled by the hitsingle Love Will Tear Us Apart) lead-singer Ian Curtis had to go and commit suicide, thus laying the foundations for New Order whose Blue Monday is forever etched in my mind thanks to my older sister’s New Wave obsession at the time.

In commemoration: 30+ versions of Love Will Tear Us Apart.

(With thanks to Bernard, who seriously needs to set up his own weblog ASAP)

100 Easy Tunes For Guitar

For beginners, like Mr. Knopfler, Mr. Gilmour, Mr. Kilmister – and the others.

The Voice Of Cheese: Sunken Chest

VOC #15! Heavy Pirate Metal! I’ll just let Andy MacMillan explain it to ya:

Sunken Chest is a pirate themed rock band from the Pacific Northwest United States… We dress up like pirates and drink lots of beer. Occasionally we battle ninjas. All our songs are about pirates, wenches, rum, stowaways, cannons, balls, and the like. But this one song is about none of those things. It’s about monkeys, and knives.

Monkey Knife Fight! Arrh, have a wee listen, why don’t you aye?


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