For Ian And His Next Two Hitchhikers

Aah Joy Division. Right before their big American break-through (fueled by the hitsingle Love Will Tear Us Apart) lead-singer Ian Curtis had to go and commit suicide, thus laying the foundations for New Order whose Blue Monday is forever etched in my mind thanks to my older sister’s New Wave obsession at the time.

In commemoration: 30+ versions of Love Will Tear Us Apart.

(With thanks to Bernard, who seriously needs to set up his own weblog ASAP)

4 thoughts on “For Ian And His Next Two Hitchhikers”

  1. I don’t know, but if you want an example of a parody of the song “Love Will Keep Us Together” why not check out the live cover of that song by The Tubes from T*R*A*S*H ?

  2. Thanks for inviting me to set up my own blog as slow as possible. Indeed that ‘s a project to be started ten years from now.

    Just have a look at our beloved friend Magic Fingers. He seems to like the NOs song. Thus : FZ music happens to be – ooh- centrifugal : taking it as a starting point , your musical taste might spread all over the place. Why? Because it happens to be a spur to discover other music ( depending on the music you were listening at before, let’s say during ” childhood”).
    Just one play, no : listen list I discovered, iconolast:

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