The Voice Of Cheese: Sunken Chest

VOC #15! Heavy Pirate Metal! I’ll just let Andy MacMillan explain it to ya:

Sunken Chest is a pirate themed rock band from the Pacific Northwest United States… We dress up like pirates and drink lots of beer. Occasionally we battle ninjas. All our songs are about pirates, wenches, rum, stowaways, cannons, balls, and the like. But this one song is about none of those things. It’s about monkeys, and knives.

Monkey Knife Fight! Arrh, have a wee listen, why don’t you aye?


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3 thoughts on “The Voice Of Cheese: Sunken Chest”

  1. One can only imagine the stir this caused with those overly PC conscious dimwits at the Ring-tailed Lemur Anti Defamation League…
    Fun track!

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