Rare FZ Acetate: The Weasel Music

From Zappateers:

It’s a one-sided acetate featuring 19 minutes or so of an album called The Weasel Music. This is one of the unreleased albums from the legendary 1969 12-LP set The History And Collected Improvisations Of The Mothers Of Invention.

It was apparently aired on KABF Radio yesterday, and the show’s host has promised to seed it.
A rundown of the contents:

  1. Spoken Intro from Royal Albert Hall London 1969
  2. New composition #1, title unknown, studio recording
  3. Mozart Ballet (YCDTOSA 5, this time in an alternate, longer edit)
  4. Improvisation (“with studio embellishment”)
  5. New composition #2, studio recording, title unknown

Gentlemen: fire up your bittorrent clients…

17 thoughts on “Rare FZ Acetate: The Weasel Music”

  1. Simply amazing, thanks for this great News! Hope they will posting it soon. Best regards Frank B.

  2. So there must be another complete fairly hi-quality MOI Albert Hall concert out there, apart from Ahead Of Their Time: howzabout it ZFT? A little treat for those of us who prefer the Mothers to Zappa? You’d sell more!

  3. After reading this, I went to the BitTorrent wiki, which I’d read a couple of times before and thought “Whatever, not for this technophobe.” Anyway, yesterday I downloaded a BitTorrent client and it’s pretty intuitive. The main problem is that it downloads a bit slow if you’re downloading something obscure and there are only a few other people with complete copies (“seeds”) uploading. Also, if you have a dial-up connection, it probably isn’t practical. It would tie up your connection unless you download at night while you’re asleep.

    I have never owned a cell phone, and play my Zappa vinyl on a turntable powered by kerosene, so if a Luddite like me can deal with bittorrent, you should all be able to manage very well.

  4. I wouldn’t be suprised if there is a plugin for Firefox that handles torrent files. I use Opera internet browser and it automatically handles them.

  5. Bittorrent’s not so bad. Here’s the short version:

    •Set up two folders one for torrents and one for downloads
    •Set up the Torrent client for download/upload speeds. (this is where the FAQs and Wikis come in handy for best performance)
    •Point your torrent client toward the torrent/downloads folders you set up.

    It’s generally nice to leave your torrent client on after you’ve finished downloading to seed the torrent. That way other people can get the same files a little faster.

    Here’s some clients I like:
    uTorrent for PC is small and easy to use. The site has a nice, big, FAQ and guides.

    Azureus is for Mac people. It can be more complicated (if you want it to be) but it’s just as easy to set up as uTorrent. They even have their own Wiki!

  6. I didn’t even have to set up any folders – that was done when I installed the program. I have always subconsciously assumed that things downloaded as torrents were in an unusual format and would probably have to be unpacked using yet another piece of confusing and/or glitchy software.
    I think I was confusing it with the .SHN files used so much at archive.org, which look like a hassle to deal with.
    Does anyone know if some clients are faster than others, or are they all equal in that respect?

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