Rotterdam ’79

This week’s Friday Boot: Rotterdam, 27 February 1979.
From The FZ Tape Reviewing Society:

(…) this is a typical night, great, tight performances of all the usuals. Highlites include another nice Warren C solo during Cosmik Debris (…) A terrific Andy is followed by a very explorative solo by FZ during Inca with a samba backbeat courtesy of Vinnie and Arthur.


3 thoughts on “Rotterdam ’79”

  1. Great show, this one. I was there. If I’m not mistaken it was broadcast by dutch radio with an introduction by the late great Willem van Beusekom. My own recording isn’t really very good anymore.
    Glad to have it in MP3 format now.
    Thanks very much.

    By the way, next week I’ll be at a Joe Jackson show. Last year he did “Dirty Love”. “A song by a great American”he called it. Maybe this year he’ll play an FZ tune again

  2. i don’t like easy meat much from 1979, seems to plod along too much, and it’s missing the great sweeping segue into the solo section.

  3. Warren did have a great solo, I thought it was frank at first. I actually think Frank did a great Easy Meat solo too. This tour was great for solos, unfortunately the setlists for 79 doesn’t seem to vary much.

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