Tribute Beers

We’ve had the Freak Out Ale, but did you know about the Brother Thelonious, the Gonzo Porter or Lenny’s Bittersweet R.I.P.A.? I’ll leave you with a little quote from the article:

Lagunitas co-founder Tony Magee has been a Frank Zappa fan since studying his compositions in a college course. He plans a new Zappa tribute beer every nine to 10 months as anniversaries of successive albums occur.

Yes, you read that right…

A Variation Variations Special

One of my favorite FZ tracks is the Zappa In New York version of Cruisin’ For Burgers of which, unfortunately, there are not many live versions around. I mentioned this to Magic Fingers a while ago, and behold: as my birthday present last week, he had prepared a Variation Variations Special: Cruisin’ For Burgers ’88. Eight versions of one of my favorite tunes featuring one of my favorite FZ line-ups! I just had to share these beauties with you. Enjoy!

Rock The Vote!

Could I ask everyone who’s been voting in the discography section to, um, cast their vote again? See, I figured a choice from one to five stars was not enough so I went and changed it to 10 and in doing so, um, I basically had to reset the database. Heh Heh! Heh. Oh, and don’t forget to delete any relevant browser cookies set by the pages while you’re at it.

* runs for the hills screaming *

The Making Of MOFO

So the ZFT just sent out another newsletter (which I didn’t receive, thanks Rob!), announcing that “Trance-Fusion is out at long (fill in the blank) last”. The 2-CD version of MOFO is reported to have at least a two week delay (originally set for release on November 7), whilst the 4-CD Limited edition is “a Monster with BIG TEETH and is madly chomping its way through the calendar” — new estimated release date December 4. Oh, and we get thrown a new bone to chew on: a live CD/DVD (?) of Zappa Plays Zappa compilations to be released next year…

Discography Reloaded

Hurrah! The discography pages are now running on WordPress as is just about everything else on this site! I bet you’re just as excited as i am! What it means:

  • No more getting rid of oodles of comment spam in the morning.
  • No more getting rid of oodles of comment spam in the morning.
  • No more getting rid of oodles of comment spam in the morning.
  • All reviews have been preserved in all their eloquent glory.
  • Search is once again available.
  • A new star rating system which is so cool, you have to try it!
  • Old ratings have been, um, deleted.
  • No more getting rid of oodles of comment spam in the morning.

I still need to figure out how to display most recent reviews to the right here on Hot Poop — but none of you guys actually ever noticed that feature anyway, now did you?

Dweezil’s On The Road Again

The newbies: Andy, Call Any Vegetable, Tell Me you Love Me, Who Are The Brain Police, Can’t Afford no Shoes, Willie the Pimp, I’m The Slime, Pound For A Brown, Advance Romance, Black Napkins, The Torture Never Stops, Regyptian Strut.
(Still nothing from the eighties…) Pics here, collected articles here, visitors’ reviews here.

Best. Birthday. Ever.

Remember my sneaking suspicion? Well I was right! Except, the party lasted the entire weekend and the company surpassed my wildest guesses. In order of appearance:

The food was quite simply delicious, and more Chimay’s, Leffe’s and Grimbergens were guzzled down than I’ve ever seen. But the best part: all you guys ‘n girls who were ready willing and able to (re)arrange your schedules for a weekend at Barry Towers. You’re the best!

Lastly: a huuuuuuge thank you to Dr Sharleena who had been secretly planning this as early as way back in August! Absolute genius!!!

Pictures? Yes! Now then… aspirin…