9 thoughts on “Trance-Fusion, The Official Tracklist”

  1. another mistake (hey, give ua a break. that’s only two according to our ledger)…did we say October 24?

  2. Wait just a minute! That was no mistake. We never said October 24, nor did we specify a year. We clearly said before Halloween, and we expect to see a few more Halloween’s between now and then. You want Roxy? Talk to Joe…

  3. Yer killin’ me!

    so is the new release date Nov 7? at least intil nov 7 gets here. this is worse than waiting for Fantoma to release the Kenneth Anger DVDs.

  4. excuse me HG, or whoever you are…there were several pieces of promo out there with the date clearly stated October 24, 2006, including a piece advertising your son’s band tour…looking forward to purchasing this item from a legit retail outlet if it ever gets there.

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