The Making Of MOFO

So the ZFT just sent out another newsletter (which I didn’t receive, thanks Rob!), announcing that “Trance-Fusion is out at long (fill in the blank) last”. The 2-CD version of MOFO is reported to have at least a two week delay (originally set for release on November 7), whilst the 4-CD Limited edition is “a Monster with BIG TEETH and is madly chomping its way through the calendar” — new estimated release date December 4. Oh, and we get thrown a new bone to chew on: a live CD/DVD (?) of Zappa Plays Zappa compilations to be released next year…

10 thoughts on “The Making Of MOFO”

  1. For that to happen ZPZ would still need to be on the road next year in October… could be though. I think it’ll be a live DVD release (they’ve been filming all the concerts as far as I can tell — they certainly did so in Brussels). We shall see…

  2. Here in America, considering our government, ‘This is symbolism, Harry. Deep, thought-provocing, Broadway symbolism.”

  3. TF out there…where?

    my local retailer is still saying Nov. 7, but this is not official confirmation.

    MOFO, indeed…

  4. Heard the teaser-blips on — after all the delay it sure does sound nice — an odd aspect of FZ: he’s a bit like C&W balladeer Jim Reeves in that he could eventually have at least as much posthumous work as lifetime output – which in his case was gargantuan – IF somebody can get 2 those poor tapes in time & reformat the tasty little suckers, that is.

  5. “leave the tables by December 4” sounds like they’re pulling it off the shelves on his birthday. These are terrible, terrible press releases. A vast improvement as before but I guess it comes with the terrain of having egg on your face when trying to tell us that you fucked up. Notice it, the more cocky, the more Thingfish-Zappaspeak, stop talking out of both sides of your face and speak ENGLISH!

  6. A ZPZ CD/DVD? Something really stinks here. I mean, where is the promised Roxy DVD? With the much ballyhooed Zappa vault, this is what they intend to release? Seems as though the ZFT have discovered yet another way to fleece the FZ fanbase. Lordylordy, I’m feeling mightyly bamboozed!

  7. Look at it from the positive side: maybe the ZPZ DVD will start off with the Roxy material they showed at the start of the concert.

    Of course we’re talking about tiny crumbs falling off of a big table, but it could be a start.

    Could be.

  8. If the Roxy DVD is at all tainted with ZPZ material, peasants with torches will revolt. I’ll bring my most rancid cheese-smell

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