Dweezil’s On The Road Again

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14 thoughts on “Dweezil’s On The Road Again”

  1. I just came home from the Montreal show… man was it incredible! 3 hours and a half seguing song after song. Dweezil band is really f***cking good. Terry, Napy and Stevie were of course incredible and the audience was litterally on fire! Dweezil told us that it was the fastest ticket selling of the tour. All kinds of people were attending the show ranging 14 to 64! It was so much fun seeing so many people actually knowing the music!

    Of course Frank’s magic touch was not there but it was close. Really. And the price was right too… 50$ bucks for so much quality, it’s unheard of nowadays!

    Ok, going to bed now. I guess I will have that funny little smile on my face all day tomorrow…

  2. Excerpt From Dweezil Zappa reinvents his father?s sound
    By RICK MASSIMO – Journal Pop Music Writer
    Published in The Providence Journal – October 22, 2006

    Three albums Zappa cites as prime sources of material are Roxy & Elsewhere, Apostrophe and Sheik Yerbouti. Zappa says they’re not ready yet to do anything from the iconic Joe’s Garage set, because “if you learn one song, you need to learn four or five others from the record.”
    But he says there’s time to get to that. He hopes to make the Zappa Plays Zappa tours an annual event, and says there are 100 shows booked for next year.


    So when fans are wanting a specific period of music let’s just remember as Dweezil says regarding Joe’s Garage “there’s time to get to that”.

    I mean this band plays 3 hour shows focusing on the arangements which are most fans favorite. Enjoy the moment for so much of that core 70s material is a womnderfull thing.

    If the ZPZ starts focusing on other periods it is probable that many selections will have to be left out. Let’s anjoy what we have for now.

    I read an interesting comment somewhere and would like to quote ZPZ as “unexpected perfection”.

  3. ah, how i remember fondly the concept of the three dollar ticket to hear my girlfriends ian & anysley & mark & howie & jeff & frank getting off with a baby octopus…now 50 bucks not to see Frank, phew! save your money, don’t go to that show!

  4. urbangraffito back in 1970 I was seing Tom Seaver pitch for Mets for 50 cents. Tom Seaver no longer pitches for the Mets but the same seats for the Mets are now $50.
    may i also remind you that the $3 Rolling Stones Ticket is now $500 and Mick Taylor and Bill Wynman are no where to be seen or heard from durinf there live shows. The truth of the matter is that I enjoyed ZPZ better than ian & anysley & mark & howie & jeff but that is just my taste. If you are a long time Zappa fan you should see this show. $50 does not get you much of anything in 2006.
    $50 is about 1 tank of gas and a strawberry soda.

  5. I am GLEEFULLY waiting to see ZPZ @ Madison Square Garden next Wednesday. I am sure
    I’ll enjoy it. 50 bucks and a plane fare and a hotel and meals and drinks.
    Worth TWICE the price.

  6. Scott–Just be sure you go on TUESDAY night since that is the night they are playing at Madison Square Garden.

    You’re welcome.

  7. Chester’s Gorilla – hey, it’s your money, and you are free to spend it as you wish. Anyone who thinks the current Rolling Stones are equal to the 70s Stones needs to get their ears checked. Unfortuneately, ZPZ doesn’t play the smaller market cities (like ian & anysley & mark & howie & jeff & frank did) so I’ll have to take you’re word for it. And I have to agree with you, $50 does not get you much of anything in 2006.

  8. I’ll be at the show on Tuesday at MSG! So if anyone on here who is going sees a guy dressed up like “Wind Up Working in the Gas Station” say hi! That’s me My friend will also be dressed up but he’s going as Sheik Yerbouti…who else is throwing together a zappa-themed costume!

    Happy Hallow’een

  9. I saw the Washington DC show Monday. The band was much tighter than the Philly show a few months ago & the band seemed to be enjoying themselves more. It was incredible. I liked the last Stevie Vai song best. Does anyone have a set list? I was afraid that I would be bummed hearing all the same songs all over again, but when they started playing the same songs, I thought “there is NO WAY not to enjoy every moment, I can’t help myself”. I still can’t believe that they could play so good! How can 3 drummers be exactly on the same beat? How can Stevie get better every show? How can Dweezil make it look so easy? How can Napoleon act so healthy, young & limber? How can Terry’s feet do that? If I played for 3 hours I would be dead. I was in heaven at the Grandmother’s show & the Project Object show had me happy for weeks but the ZPZ show has me on cloud nine all day long. RIP Frank.

  10. I haven’t been to a ZPZ show yet…I live in Tucson and they came to the Dodge Theater in Phoenix this June. I wanted to go so bad cut it was right at a time where we couldn’t afford to go. Plus the car broke down the week of the concert so my mom couldn’t have taken me anyway. Plus it was sold out. I have no idea if Dweezil and the band are coming to Phoenix again, but my mom promised to take me this time if they are! I can’t wait!!!!!!!!
    I wore a Zappa-themed Halloween costume, too. I wore a “Zappa for President” shirt (where Frank is wearing a stars-and-stripes top hat and he has the late 70’s long hair…my favorite era) a top hat with an American flag tie around it, a matching vest, white bell bottoms, and black platforms. I also carried a whip (can’t tell if it’s real or not…it LOOKS real). I went trick or treating later that night. I can’t trick or treat in my own neighborhood because there are so many weirdos that live there. The first and only time I went to someone’s door, the person was rude to me, gave me ONE piece of candy (compared to the big handfuls she was giving all the other kids dressed as fairies, pirates, and Freddy Kreuger) and then she told me to go away. No kidding! It really happened. I don’t know if it was my costume or what!!!
    (sorry ’bout that. I needed to vent a little.)
    But anyway…can’t wait til ZPZ!!!!!!!

  11. Yeah. I didn’t cut in line or anything, and I definitely wasn’t being rude to anyone. She didn’t even look like the type to know who Frank was…she was a housewife, probably in her mid-thirties, maybe with two or three kids, the kind that probably goes to church every Sunday. I’m not making fun, but that’s what she looked like! It angered me so much that I didn’t do any more trick or treating after that.
    It might not have been my costume, but I still didn’t have any reason for her to be rude. I hate to say this, but it’s true: there are still a lot of people who hate Frank Zappa.

  12. But, to get back to ZPZ…does anybody know if Ahmet is going to be on this tour? I heard that last year he wan’t there because of the divorce.

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