Medium Cool

Tonight, at 23:50 GMT, BBC2 is broadcasting Medium Cool (’69), a movie which may ring a bell with FZ-fans as it features quite a few Zappa songs (Oh No, Are You Hung Up, Who Needs The Peace Corps, to name but a few). Patrick Neve had this to say about it: “Admittedly, the plot thins as the action kicks in, but this is the best blurring of genres I’ve ever seen. Add to all of this a soundtrack with heavy doses of Mothers music. I seem to remember a scene with some people getting the shit kicked out of them in the street and you hear Zappa’s ‘I will love the police and they kick the shit out of me in the street…'”

Is this anoter clue for the Conceptual Continuity or what?

Each nation its own beer must have. If your doesn’t, don’t be sad… At leats every nation has its soul (although some people just don’t care). Now that UE went a little larger, you can expand your horizons, and learn something about Finland and Zappa’s relation to Lucy in the sky with diamonds. Well, as you know, some nations also has a Zappa’s statue. It is right there, at the end of Vilnius’ Kalinausko street (click on the thumbnaileye. At the picture on the wall, you can see the “corcovado”, the most well known symbol of my city, Rio de Janeiro). Anyway, since we started with beer, we can’t forget the tities, specially if the girls in question are better than the Beatles! Cheers!

One of the brain police…

Now this could be a risky occupation, i jest ye not. For after avowing to being one of the brain police, the future held as an acquaintance the infamous charles manson, and thus far 35 years in prison for murder. A musician before his association with famous folk though, he has still found opportunities to subsequently pursue this, especially since requesting transfer from californias state prison system. I quite like this tranquil tune from the selection you can sample. Well, i guess it beats being a rock.

Like, Afoot

Like, OMG: “Two decades after the song Valley Girl popularized it, a fresh effort is afoot to stamp out this linguistic quirk. The generation that grew up saying like is hitting adulthood and the work force. As a result, it is in the lexicon of investment bankers, doctors and even teachers, where it can sound especially jarring.” Heck, they’re even making musicals about it now.