A hearing for the PMRC

The infamous PMRC hearings seem to have been heard by a committee relating to commerce, science, and transportation. Since this is not supposed to have been a commercial question, and i doubt it is related to transportation, i guess this was about the science of the influence of words.

…Mtley Cre are attempting to practice in a rehearsal room in Hollywood.

“You know what’s wrong with those guys?” asks Nikki, walking off the sound- stage shaking his Revlon Blue/Black head sadly. “They have no sense of humor.”

In [sic] December 8, 6:38 p.m., a 1972 Pantera driven by Mtley Cre’s lead singer Vince Neil skidded into a lane of oncoming traffic in Redondo Beach, hitting a Volkswagen containing a 20-year old man and an 18-year-old woman. Both suffered severe injuries. Neil’s passenger, Hanoi Rocks drummer Nicholas Dingley, was pronounced dead en route to the hospital. Neil, who was not hurt in the accident, was arrested on charges of drunken driving and vehicular homicide. He is currently free on $2500 bail.

Hannes, Hannes! wake up! Its me Frank Zappa…

FZ: No. You dont. You havnt the faintest fucking idea what Im talking about, anyplace in Europe, not even in England. You dont have any idea and dont kid yourself.

FZ: I dont have any curtains. I have.. I have a nice.. I have a bay window which is looking out onto garden. The sky is blue, some puppy white clouds. Theres bunch of flowers out there and.. its pretty bright room. The only bright room that I hang out in. All the rest of the places where I work are pretty dark.

Some interviews from scandinavia…

Who do you believe…

A viewer, who may not be a professional cook, provided this recipe. The FN chefs have not tested this recipe and therefore, we cannot make representation as to the results.


This recipe was provided by professional chefs and has been scaled down from a bulk recipe provided by a restaurant. The FN chefs have not tested this recipe, in the proportions indicated, and therefore, we cannot make any representation as to the results.

One of the brain police…

Now this could be a risky occupation, i jest ye not. For after avowing to being one of the brain police, the future held as an acquaintance the infamous charles manson, and thus far 35 years in prison for murder. A musician before his association with famous folk though, he has still found opportunities to subsequently pursue this, especially since requesting transfer from californias state prison system. I quite like this tranquil tune from the selection you can sample. Well, i guess it beats being a rock.

Phillips, Erlewine & Given…

…are trial lawyers who specialize in complex commercial litigation. Indeed, Mr Given has written a fascinating article on online music vending. Perhaps slightly more interestingly, a highlight of his career was meeting and interviewing the late musician and composer Frank Zappa.

DMG: Does an artist feel devalued when an artist is censored?

FZ: I doubt whether artists can come to that conclusion. I mean which artists are you talking about?

free speech, free trade…

We all know how the usa is enthusiastic about free speech, but, as a non-american, i’m always increasingly surprised when i read how the usa is not so enthusiastic about free trade, and wonder at the how the eu can happily respond, when so far as i know, it is as much a part of the problem. But fairer and more intelligent solutions are i believe possible, though it can be difficult to know where to start. And if the free speech advocate i listed above is too keen on a trans galactic conciousness, here’s another advocate from canada.