Hannes, Hannes! wake up! Its me Frank Zappa…

FZ: No. You dont. You havnt the faintest fucking idea what Im talking about, anyplace in Europe, not even in England. You dont have any idea and dont kid yourself.

FZ: I dont have any curtains. I have.. I have a nice.. I have a bay window which is looking out onto garden. The sky is blue, some puppy white clouds. Theres bunch of flowers out there and.. its pretty bright room. The only bright room that I hang out in. All the rest of the places where I work are pretty dark.

Some interviews from scandinavia…

One thought on “Hannes, Hannes! wake up! Its me Frank Zappa…”

  1. “I think they (his musicians) probably paid ten times more than they are worth. And I´m happy to remind them of this all the time, because I think a musician who gets the opportunity to work in this band really ought to be paying to be in the band, because he´s getting a chance to experience things that nobody else in the business would get a chance to do. And that might sound a little bit arrogant, but it´s arrogant and it´s also true. This is the best music school that any musician could ever go to.”

    oooh… that’s heavy… and also kind of true, but I neevr headr FZ talking like this.

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