KUR has got the exclusive!!

This telex from an undisclosed location has just arrived to KUR Headquarters; the sender is Doreen, who claims to be right on the firsts rehearsals from Dweez and Ahmet for the next concerts. Since this is breaking news, i’m posting the unedited version (sorry Barry, i think you’ll understand!). Here’s the literal translation of the message:

“Dear friends at KUR:
I’m in heaven listening to the band playing for the first time. They have been testing a lot of musicians like, erh…Cluuuck…I don’t remember the names because I’m still under the effect of some heavy grenadine we took last night; but there has been a lot of them. One thing you’ll find really interesting is that Ahmet takes care of his cutis with a cucumber mask, which makes it look smooth and gleaming.
So far, they have rehearsed: Zomby Fowl, I’m the Hen, Duck Tomago and Chicken in Bondage (at my request).
I only have eyes for “my” Joe tho’; btw, he brought a handy little oven he keeps in his dressing room, and every night he bakes a tape. Apparently he became “too used to do it” he needs to do it at least once a day.
Ok, enough for today, I’ll keep you guys posted as things develop.
I’m with the band!! Cluuck…
PS: I’m to the left in the picture. The stupid guy took my double chin…The other girls asked their identities to be protected. Seeya!”

More details on the picture here:

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  1. Larry: the One Million question indeed…Aparently, they accept requests!

    Balint: according to our sources it might be Bryan Beller; but i’m not sure, perhaps Doreen can confirm, if she ever has the chance to read this?

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