Travers & Beller Are In

From The Keneallist newsletter:

This is most likely your final opportunity to see this amazing, powerful band for many moons. After these MKB US dates, Joe [Travers, drums] and Bryan [Beller, bass] will spend the remainder of 2005 as a crucial part of Dweezil and Ahmet Zappa’s “Zappa Plays Zappa” tour.

(Thanks to the multitude of people who forwarded this one to me! ;))

3 thoughts on “Travers & Beller Are In”

  1. That settles it then. A band with Joe ‘Useless Cretin’ Travers on drums and Flo & Eddie on vocals. I am NOT going to the concert!

  2. Not to pour oil on the fire but: it is somewhat irritating to be buying tickets for a venue at a time when all we know for sure is that the line-up includes two people: Ahmet and Dweezil. Especially when those tickets are, shall we say, “a bit on the expensive side”.

    What little other information we have was gathered by fansites – not by means of any official ZFT channel. That is just dreadful PR by any standard.

    And judging from your comment xorg, they’ll be losing customers due to this lack of clarity / communication…

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