7 thoughts on “Three Things”

  1. Clearly, the ninth law of Murphy does not apply to this: “anything good in life is either immoral or fattening”.
    By the way, did you win the lottery this evening?

  2. Bobo: nope, didn’t win the lottery. (Actually, I didn’t check because I was playing around with my new toy!)

    Duncan: yes, will have to try that one! :)

    (By the way mac people out there: the drop shadows on this site look a little jagged in Tiger’s Safari – at least where I’m at… they looked fine on Jaguar’s Safari though. Having the same experience?)

  3. I’ve been using FireFox for Gmail, and for the webdeveloper toolbar extension which is quite handy. But as far as looks are concerned, Safari wins hands down imho (buttons, textarea’s, select boxes just look plain ugly in FF, for instance).

    The dropshadow thing I mentioned is definitely Safari related though, as it shows up correct in FF. Weird…

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