9 thoughts on “Got Your Tickets?”

  1. no tickets purchased because since it seems i am the only zappa fan here in california, usa.
    the zappa plays zappa tour is not coming this way. please post setlists and find out if audience recordings are allowed, and if they are, PLEASE DO IT. thanks!

  2. Hi abe—San Fernando Valley here! You’re not alone. I think Dweezil and Ahmet will get here eventually—be patient. Of course, I said the same thing about Frank in ’88! Goddammit!

    But at least the Dr. will look good!

  3. I was going to prebook my tickets for Brighton – Although I live in London, it’s a good chance to go to the coast for the day and the prices are better than Albert Hall – but I was already suspicious when I saw that it’s all organised by clear channel – a very right wing organisitaion which owns many radio stations in the us and operates a censorship policy on their playlist. Then I saw their ‘policy’ for operating the website in which you have to agree to let them recover damages from you if the site crashes while you use it! No thanks.

  4. I’d like to see the show, but letting CLEAR CHANNEL have anything to do with it makes me want to blow it off.

    Fuck Clear Channel.
    Frank would have NEVER allowed that.

  5. I am totally distraught! The Zappa bros are performing 5 concerts in the UK and not playing in Ireland??? sigh…that’s what you get for living on an island…

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