This Is Frank Talking?

Bob Marshall: This is Frank talking?
Frank: Yes.
Bob Marshall: Was rap, what’s called rap music the last few years, fresh air?
Frank: Some of it. Some of it is good. Most of it is a waste of time. But, you see, rap is more a political statement than it is music.
Bob Marshall: Would you consider it an offshoot like Grunge and Punk?
Frank: As what? Where are they? Where’s Punk? Where did it go? It gave up. You can’t give up on music. Can’t give up.
Bob Marshall: Has Grunge given up?
Frank: Yes. Look at it. What is it? Where is it? Not that it didn’t break ground. Where’s its fresh air? Where’s its verve? Where’s its causing a person to move?

:: Posthumous Frank Zappa Talks

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Windows users please hear my plea! While at the local library yesterday I took the opportunity to browse this site using one of their Windows machines. Needless to say things looked rather horrible in their version of MS Internet Explorer (v5.x, I believe). Hence, this slightly tweaked testpage, which I would like you to scrutinize in order to report anything weird. Upon which we shall return to our regular schedule of funny porn movie titles and silly IQ tests.

Who do you believe…

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let’s hear from another great mother

Let’s hear it folks, from mother superior (see September 4, 2003) to Tom Waits. I didn’t know none of those audio archives, neither those pictures, and of course there is a lot more to be known, like The Fall’s covers of Mothers and Beefheart (by way of WFMU’S BLAST O’ HOT AIR). And since it is mother’s day, you can enlarge your knowledge of their inventiveness, from slavery, to the space suit and Windshield Wipers.

Mother’s Day

Is it this weekend? Was it the previous? It’s 40 years ago that the Mothers came to life… Anyway, here’s an article from last year about Zappas, Menuhins and Muthas – interesting connections. And another thing: if you’re around here in Hungary, you should visit the Frank Zappa Cafe (Yes! There is one!) this sunday, because as a Mother’s Day Event we will proudly present the movie Dub Room Special with – YES! – hungarian subtitles, after it the hungarian FZ-tribute-band, Cosmic Debris plays live… Oh, Atlantis!…

Uncle Dickie’s Shameless Quickies

If you’ve ever been part of a band, you’ll know that coming up with a decent band name that everyone can agree upon is not an easy thing (to say the least). As for our little teenage rocking combo, we’ve gone from “Appartment 23” through “Inflatable Henry” and “Virgil Venus” to “Moonbug” (and we’re still not satisfied :). Browsing this page, I rather liked “The Glands Of External Secretion” or “Uncle Dickie’s Shameless Quickies” though. Brainfood for the next rehearsal…