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Windows users please hear my plea! While at the local library yesterday I took the opportunity to browse this site using one of their Windows machines. Needless to say things looked rather horrible in their version of MS Internet Explorer (v5.x, I believe). Hence, this slightly tweaked testpage, which I would like you to scrutinize in order to report anything weird. Upon which we shall return to our regular schedule of funny porn movie titles and silly IQ tests.

13 thoughts on “Browser Check”

  1. I’m using Explorer 5.0 on a G4 Mac; from the link, i can tell i see unexpected horrifying magenta bars to the right. I can’t tell if it’s centered or not since i have a 3 and 3/4 inches limp screen, so without scrolling i can only see about 10% of the site. It’s important to say my keyboard has beer and grease stains so that could change the general result…Hope this helps.

  2. (It’s a G3 woo-man! Shhh… Disclaimer: beer stains? What beer stains?) Dang, need to figure out the magenta funkieness…

  3. WinXP (fully patches and IE 6.0: no prbs with the KUR site.

    You should know better running IE on a Mac, I tried it once, it like mixing water and fire, try Icab (freeware and extremly configurable,

  4. Mmm, I should be able to improve my typing…
    WinXP fully patched, no probs with…,I tried it one, it is like…(phew)

  5. Thanks for the info Bobo. I’m using Safari on Mac OS X myself, so everything looks okay on my end – the less fortunate Dr Sharleena is stuck with IExplorer 5 on Mac OS 9 (which is actually a pretty good browser, unlike its idiot bastard brother on the windows platform) and a 15 inch monitor(!)…

  6. I’m enjoying all this from a laptop with IE 6.0, a bored out .90 over with 3 Stromberg 97’s and a smallish screen. I detect no difference between the test and actual pages. Wait a second. Does anyone know where I put my glasses?

  7. …and those three Swedish senior citizens reguire a lot of lumpy gravy and tapioca pudding (and coffee, too!) to keep them going.

  8. Here I am, a Windows user! :-) I have Windows 95 (here at home) and just realised, that this white stuff in the middle is totaly on the left side, and (on the main page) I dont have the things ont he right (Review this!, Recent chatter…) at all. If I go to a special “poop”, than I can see it.
    I just noticed it now, because I usually browse this place while working. :-).

  9. … while working, eh? nyuk nyuk! So what version of IExplorer are you running with your windows 95 set up? Lemme guess… IE 5.x? (thanks for the heads up Balint!)

  10. Err, just notice the old homepage is gone, I go straigth to the hotpoop section. This being a feature Barry or did I miss something on the new site design?

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