This Is Frank Talking?

Bob Marshall: This is Frank talking?
Frank: Yes.
Bob Marshall: Was rap, what’s called rap music the last few years, fresh air?
Frank: Some of it. Some of it is good. Most of it is a waste of time. But, you see, rap is more a political statement than it is music.
Bob Marshall: Would you consider it an offshoot like Grunge and Punk?
Frank: As what? Where are they? Where’s Punk? Where did it go? It gave up. You can’t give up on music. Can’t give up.
Bob Marshall: Has Grunge given up?
Frank: Yes. Look at it. What is it? Where is it? Not that it didn’t break ground. Where’s its fresh air? Where’s its verve? Where’s its causing a person to move?

:: Posthumous Frank Zappa Talks