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Zappa Galleries Revisited

As some of you old-timers may recall, there used to be a Frank Zappa image gallery around here back in the day (it was the year 2000, this site got about 10 visitors a day, and my ginger-tinted beard had yet to come to fruition). As time passed and the galleries became cumbersome to maintain, and since there was/is a plethora of Zappa pictures floating around the interwebs anyway, I decided to just lay that feature to rest.

Fast forward, enter Flickr.

zappa vorst, 82

Here’s two photo-sets that I deemed worthy to re-publish from Ye Olde Obsolete Zappa Gallery: Zappa live in Vorst Nationaal (Brussels ’82, ’84) and Zappa at the Yellow Shark press conference. Both photo-sets were kindly sent to me by (and are copyright) Dirk Laforce. Enjoy!

ZPZ In Rome

Francesco Gentile (now there’s a Zappa-nick waiting to happen!) kindly sent me a bunch of pictures taken at yesterday’s ZPZ concert in Rome. Here’s the Flickr set — nice close shots of Vai and Dweezil.

Zappa Café, Budapest

There is something about Eastern Europe and Zappa. Scott of sent in pictures of a place called “The Zappa Café”, taken in Budapest, Hungary:

200 Motels Promotional Pictures

Some time ago, I obtained original prints of promotional pictures taken during the production of Zappa’s 200 Motels. Don’t ask how I got them — let’s just call it good karma. And since good karma begets good karma, I figured why not scan and put them online for you. So here they are. Enjoy!

Wolfgang’s Vault

Very cool: a bunch of Zappa/Mothers posters and handbills for viewing and purchasing (IF you have the money!). Some postcards and original “fine art prints” there as well. (Thanks Danny!)

Count Zappa

A painting by an Anonimous Actor from the eighties (maybe). Buy it!

Zappa Portraits

Zappa as a clown – Hand-printed by the artist on acid-free paper. $300.00 The Alcorn Studio & Gallery. (Here’s the black&white version).
And another one “notice the sacred heart of Zappa – a lemon with barbed wire.”
Wow. Well, much better than these.

Couple More

More Zappa related doodles from last Sunday — kudos if you can tell who they are. :)

couple more Zappa sidemen

Zappa In Ink

Had some fun this morning browsing through Miles’ “Frank Zappa – A Visual Documentary”. Got an inkfinger in the process…

Varese - JC Black - Zappa

Oh, and I had fun with this one as well!

Droodle In Your Noodle

Ship arriving too late to save a drowning witch (see also).

Googly Moogly Maps

Everybody and their mother is linking to Google maps these days, so who am I not to. If you’ve played around with its “satellite option”, you’ll agree that it’s an incredibly cool toy to mess around with. Then there’s those who take it one step further, and, inevitably, those who see the arrival of the new Big Brother.
Me, I figured I’d have a stab at Joe’s Garage

Flickr Z

Hey, Flickr has a Zappa tag! Hadn’t seen these pictures before, nice set. (And this is one cool T-shirt! I had no idea Nappy Brock is auditioning for Return Of The Zombies by the way.)

Painting Air Molecules

Good stuff: paintings inspired by the music of Frank Zappa.
(via Gilles)

Duke & Nappy Whip It Out

George Duke - Melkweg Amsterdam Nov 04

Some nice snapshots from a concert George Duke gave at ‘de Melkweg,‘ Amsterdam, last Nov 24 — including a surprize appearance from Nappy Brock. (via

Only Innit

And what might we find in this product placement gallery? Obviously.