Googly Moogly Maps

Everybody and their mother is linking to Google maps these days, so who am I not to. If you’ve played around with its “satellite option”, you’ll agree that it’s an incredibly cool toy to mess around with. Then there’s those who take it one step further, and, inevitably, those who see the arrival of the new Big Brother.
Me, I figured I’d have a stab at Joe’s Garage

6 thoughts on “Googly Moogly Maps”

  1. there, there!! he’s got it, told you!! it’s the Roxy dvd, i can see it from here; he’s still baking it!! a bit to the right; see? i told ya!

  2. Some time ago, in this very website, somebody posted a comment with a link to a site with awsome satellite pictures; which were from the continent too, because i searched the HotPoop headquarters adress and i saw a fantastic photo with all and backyard (mammoth included). I searched but the post wasn’t related to this, it was just a comment; i seem to remember it was from a Flemish person, but i may be wrong (bernard? vrnzr?). Too bad i didn’t keep the link. Does anybody remember?

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