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  1. is that supposed to be gail zappa in that wall painting? looks more like brigitte bardot…did zappa ever pose with bardot?

  2. Another reckless fool risking a lawsuit from Gail and the ZFT! The name Frank Zappa and the moustache are Registered Trademarks…Gail does not like other people making money by exploiting FZ!

  3. The WWW has no power there…
    Plus, it would tax precious resources to persue it (if even possible), resources need to pry the Ruby Sneakers of FZ’s legacy…
    The hash bar is next door; just follow the yellow bricks.

  4. This was a cult place of underground music in ’89-90, (see this), and after that it opened az “Zappa café” with those paintings. Unfortunately the owner soon found out that with FZ’s music as a background he will not make too much profit, so after a few weeks only tha name remained and they keep on playin the cheepest pop music all the time.
    But: this was also the place of some great shows of the Hungarian FZ-tribute band, and here was the presentation of the hungarian translation of Moon Zappa’s book.

  5. …and one more thing: the paintings are by the guy who is the “boss” in the FZ Tribute Band (Cosmik Debris). Being “the Boss” means that he doesn’t do nothing but walks up and down the stage :-), sometimes plays blockflöte inanyway, he collected pretty good musicians around him.

  6. Yes, Frank met Claudia Cardinale when he was studying in Darmstadt with Stockhousen in 1962!

  7. claudia cardinale…wow, if that’s true, she sure was a hottie in the late sixties. i’m only familiar with her work in w.herzog’s ‘fitzcarraldo’, which was from 1980-ish. she’s very beautiful in that movie as well, but not so much in a ‘va-va-voom a-go-go’ kind of way…is the painting based on an actual photo?

  8. yes, Claudia was a real tenderoni, but….that’s not her. Also, I was kidding above. The woman in the pic was a stand-in for Suzy Creamcheese – not anyone famous.

  9. yeah, i figured it wasn’t true, since i knew the stockhausen comment was bullshit…but i read somewhere that zappa was the freak du jour there for a bit in europe, so it’s wasn’t completely implausible that zappa may have posed with cardinale. whoever it is, she sure has more sex appeal than pamela zarubica…

  10. Wasn’t laughing at your expense, McNastie. Just laughing at how amazing a phenom it is that such rumors about Zappa proliferate and persist.

    It is possible that he could’ve posed with Cardinale (and it does look like her).

  11. it’s okay jonnybutter. it didn’t occur to me to take offense, never felt like you were laughing at my expense…so, what, are you saying that zappa never had a shit-eating contest onstage with alice cooper?

  12. the painting is from a series of publicity/guitar advertisement photos from the 60’s and it is for sure Claudia Cardinale

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