Pics from 1976

Here are some pictures from march 1976 – the OZ times (Zürich). Some of them are not the best quality, but at least something – made by Ueli Frey. Oh, and here are some from 1979. (is the guy in sunglasses Warren Cuccurullo?)
…And some more from ( I think) 14-Oct 1975, Kansas! Hm, I’ve never seen any pictures from that time! This might be the one and only picture of Roy Estrada from that tour?

let’s hear from another great mother

Let’s hear it folks, from mother superior (see September 4, 2003) to Tom Waits. I didn’t know none of those audio archives, neither those pictures, and of course there is a lot more to be known, like The Fall’s covers of Mothers and Beefheart (by way of WFMU’S BLAST O’ HOT AIR). And since it is mother’s day, you can enlarge your knowledge of their inventiveness, from slavery, to the space suit and Windshield Wipers.