New CD Releases From Former Zappa Members

Aah press releases! They make posting here easy as pie. This one comes to us from Crossfire Publications. Bring on the quotation machine:

On the record label front, Crossfire has lined-up rare, archival releases by former Frank Zappa and the Mothers Of Invention members, such as Jimmy Carl Black, Don Preston and Bunk Gardner. When Do We Get Paid?, an archival collection of Jimmy Carl Black “the Indian Of The Group” rarities, was originally released in the UK in 1996. Crossfire head honcho Greg Russo has remastered and re-EQ’d the original recordings making them sound better than ever! The CD also includes three bonus tracks. Other CDs in the Crossfire catalogue include two rare compilations by surf music giants The Tornadoes, Now And Then and Charge Of The Tornadoes (some of the recordings were engineered by music genius Frank Zappa). Crossfire has released the Neonfire CD featuring Candy Zappa (Frank’s little sister), Nolan Porter, Napoleon Murphy Brock (Zappa vocalist extraordinaire) and Andre Cholmondeley (of Project Object) amongst others.

… In the works:

[…] an exciting release schedule for 2007, which includes ex-Zappa frontman Bob Harris’s The Great Nostalgia from 1986, which features guest performances by guitar virtuoso Steve Vai. Nolan Porter has two upcoming Crossfire releases No Apologies and Nolan (containing the Northern soul classics “If I Could Only Be Sure” and “Keep On Keeping On” – these have been in great demand in British clubs for years), whilst sister of music icon Frank Zappa, Candy Zappa’s future Crossfire CD is entitled My Brother Was A Mother.

… And finally:

soon to be available from Crossfire, the legendary Paul Buff’s PAL Studio recordings with Frank Zappa and many others – seven releases in all!

The Voice Of Cheese: Pierre Vervloesem

Another Tuesday, another VOC! Pierre Vervloesem is quite a wellknown name in the Belgian alternative music scene. I first got acquainted with his music via X-Legged Sally, and later Flat Earth Society, two bands he was/is a member of. Pierre also produced Worst Case Scenario, debut album of the now famous band dEUS. Anyway! Here’s his contribution, entitled Burba Bubba. Pierre says:

It’ s a one take midi guitar impro that I arranged to death so I look like a brilliant composer.

Well that worked out perfectly if you ask me! Have a listen:


Like it? Download it.

40 Minute Psychedelic Version

Remember this short clip shot by Ed Seeman? He described it as “a small portion of the 14 hours I shot with FRANK ZAPPA & the Original Mothers of Invention over a two year period from 1967 to 1968”. Well, there’s now a 40 minute DVD available for $19.95. Although, having mentioned this on a widely read weblog such as KUR, I’m sure I’ll get one for free! Just kidding, Ed.


When was the last time a female singer grabbed you by the gonads? Was it Joni Mitchell? Aretha Franklin? Rory Block? Sheryl Crow perhaps? Chrissy Hynde? As for me, it would have to be Amy Winehouse: a foulmouthed Brit with a wonderfully off-beat, nagging, raw voice. Her latest album Back To Black sounds like a classic 60s Motown Record — From Hell. It’s brilliant. Give it a listen. Rehab alone is worth the price of admission.

Albuquerque ’81

It’s been a while since we featured a Zappa show from the ’81 tour — come to think of it, we haven’t had many of those around here altogether since the Friday Boots saw the light of day some four years ago! To make up for that, here’s Albuquerque, October 11 ’81: sound quality B+ and a whopping 22 tunes for your downloading pleasure, no less. Go eat some bandwidth. Enjoy! With thanks to Gilles, as always.

Second Coming, Puerto Rican Edition

How refreshing: a minister with the number 666 tattooed on his arm:

Although it’s a number usually associated with Satan, not the son of God, de Jesus says that 666 and the Antichrist are, like him, misunderstood. The Antichrist is not the devil, de Jesus tells his congregation; he’s the being who replaces Jesus on Earth.

Funniest quote from the article though:

De Jesus’ claims of divinity have angered Christian leaders, who say he is a fake.

The Voice Of Cheese: Michael Pabst

It’s time for another Voice Of Cheese! This week’s contribution comes to us from Michael Pabst and his band The Research Institute. The track, entitled 4 12 93 was composed by Michael and features him on bass. Quite Zappaesque if you ask me… Have a listen:


Like it? Download it.


Five minutes before his big performance, the Maestro and his persistent mechanical assistant are in preparation mode. As the clock ticks, life at the top is not all it seems. The multi award-winning Maestro blends an operatic aria with CG animation.

Hungarian animation. An Oscar nominee. Hah.

Humo(u)r Me

English vs American humo(u)r? Turns out it’s not at all that different — or so thinks comedian Simon Pegg:

Americans can fully appreciate irony. They just don’t feel entirely comfortable using it on each other, in case it causes damage. A bit like how we feel about guns.

Regardless: I’m pretty sure 99,99% percent of you won’t get this prime example of Belgian West-Flemish humor… :)