12 thoughts on “Yatta!”

  1. So how come when me and my 5 other scrawky naked friends dance badly in public we get booed, while these guys have an arena full of screaming, adoring fans?

  2. well, it was only a matter of time before YATTA showed up on this site… this was a bizarre fad a couple of years ago at my university and all around the so-called “college community”. I remember one day I woke up after a particularly silly night of carousing and drinking with YATTA! written on my forehead in black magic marker. If you guys are willing to get into parallel silliness, google “yatta” and see if you can find the fan music video of the green leaves boys (not their real name).

    anybody curious as to what the hell the song’s about? I know :0 heheh. however it might take some of the dada factor out of that video. I’ll give y’all a hint: “yatta!” means approximately “it’s all good” or “all right!”

    if people are curious and lazy (as in, don’t want to search the net for the translation), post and the answer will be forthcoming…

    p.s. fz would have dug this for the absurdity of it all. good choice, webmaster (as usual)… :)

  3. My friends and I had a tenancy to scream “YATTA!” in public anytime, anywhere, for no reason at all. We were soon forced to containing such silliness in private locations.

  4. This falls under: Imitation is the Mother of all Invention.

    Still funny though, especially the fingerpointing in direction of the camera, theses guys are such hams !!! LOL

  5. The music is “Go West” by Pet Shop Boys, which is regarded as the gay anthem. Strange to hear it in the Yatta-dada sense…

  6. Gosh, grok those quasi-subliminals: ” easy come easy gogogo” … “no worry be happy” – ummmmmmmmm, & is it just neurotic little old me again, or is this whole thing very Turbo-Nuremburg?

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