Humo(u)r Me

English vs American humo(u)r? Turns out it’s not at all that different — or so thinks comedian Simon Pegg:

Americans can fully appreciate irony. They just don’t feel entirely comfortable using it on each other, in case it causes damage. A bit like how we feel about guns.

Regardless: I’m pretty sure 99,99% percent of you won’t get this prime example of Belgian West-Flemish humor… :)

3 thoughts on “Humo(u)r Me”

  1. Being a West Flemish aboriginal myself.. Sorry ‘ bout that, however I was cleaver enough to leave that erea when I was 17….

    I can tell you: this cruddy language is close to all langages (= subregional languages ) spoken along the old Hansa line, : the areas bordering the sea, originally from Calais ( FR) to high up in the north ( Norway & Sweden). all people living there say for instance ( one way or another) gèès ( unwritable) when they mean grass. Which indeed brings us back to .. the missing cow.

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