Mo’ Little MOFO

Ned (thanks Ned!) informs me of this post made by Gail on the forums:

Re Little MOFO – We are informed that the release date is officially 5 December and you could easily see it in the stores that week in the U.S. As for the Mother of Freaking Out, we think it could start shipping as early as the following week but there will be an Official Update at sometime this week when we confirm real information. Just so you know, we did just get a little MOFO in our hot little hands but not the MAMA. One more thing – the baby MOFO is not a prequel or a sequel (should it come out either before or after MOFO Deluxe) – it is of course geneticaly related but was brought into the world with its own material as well. We did not want to leave anyone out over a budgetary concern. We deemed it a necessity to make this an all inclusive release option, given that FZ’s Music (et al) is the world’s finest optional entertainment.

Friday’s Magic Fingers: Oakland ’75

We’re going to try something a little different today. You may know Magic Fingers from The Big Note, as the man who gave us the Variation Variations, or perhaps as a man who likes to wear funny hats. This week he’s agreed to provide a Friday Boot Show and some explanation as to why this one — Oakland, CA, 26/12/’75 — is of particular interest:

So what do we have here? A fairly typical late ’75 show featuring the usual songs we have come to expect from this tour. Tonight, however, Frank is ON, and delivers some excellent solos throughout the set. But it is the day after Christmas, and there are presents in store…

Curious? Read on…

Kill Ugly Radio World Tour: Let’s Roll!

Right, well I’ve pretty much finished doing the cover of Our Latest Pet Project. Just to give you an idea of the mess this has been causing on my desktop, here are some pictures:




The Plastified Cover…:


More on Flickr. What’s more, Dr Sharleena has completed her contribution as well, so this book is ready to hit the road — starting with Tommi. I’ll be putting up a promotional banner shortly but until then, remember: if you want to be part of this, the place to sign up is right over here. Happy doodling! :)