8 thoughts on “Lemme See Your Thumb”

  1. This photo was taken during a concert at Met Center in Minneapolis Minnesota USA. The building has since been torn down, and the property now has an IKEA on it right across from the Mall of “Amerika”.
    Mike Newman

  2. Judging from Frank’s hair and clothing, it can’t be 1980. More like 1977 or ’78 if it’s in the US.

  3. I agree with Steven above, primarily because Frank didn’t use the Gibson SG guitar in 1980 or thereafter.

  4. Huh,… It is possible that it was 78, I remember it as being 80. Unfortunatley I never saved my ticket stubs whenever I saw him. I will look at the film and see if there is another clue.
    Great sleuthing,
    Mike Newman

  5. Thanks Disco Boy,
    Then I guess it must be that! I guess I have a slight case of “Mikenheimers”.
    I’ll go with 77,

  6. Yeah, that photo’s definitely from the late 70’s.
    Out of curiosity…does anyone here know where he got that necklace? I love it, and I’m curious as to where it came from. Was it a gift from a fan or something?

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